Main Dishes

King Ranch Chicken

This is family favorite.  A neighbor made this 10 years ago for us when I had just given birth to baby boy number three and we've cooked it at least once every other month since.  It has just enough kick to it but not terribly spicy that one must drink after every bite.

Add cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, two cans rotel (do not drain) and one can of chillies peppers chopped.

Mix all the ingredients above together.  Keep the heat to medium-low as the filling will bubble and burp all over if it gets to hot.

 Chop up one medium size onion.

 Add the chopped onion. Mix.

Take the small tortilla flour shells and cut into quarters.  Then line the bottom of a 9x13 baking pan with them. No need to grease or spray pan.

Take two 12.5oz cans of chicken or you can cook and chop the chicken up and add into the filling mixture.  This chicken tastes the same way just cuts down the mess in the kitchen and time.

 Spread mixture over first layer of tortilla shells.

 Sprinkle LOTS of shredded cheese.  I use a mexican four blend cheese. 

 Repeat layers two more times, adding LOTS of cheese.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes or until cheese edges become golden brown.  Let sit and cool 10 minutes before cutting to allow cheese to firm up a bit.

A very yummy meal.  I usually serve with a salad and rice.  Tonight the kids voted not to have rice.  I should have made it anyhow.




Creamed Chicken Crepes

Through my blog hoping, I have stumbled onto a blog called Comfy in the Kitchen which is written by Janelle.  Janelle has all kinds of simple, easy and fast recipes.  I have tried several so far, but actually took pictures this time because I was going to make something I have never attempted to do.  

 (Go here for Janelle's recipe)

These were SO easy and I think a caveman could do it!

For making the Crepes you need Milk, Eggs, Vanilla Extract, Sugar, Flour and Water

Then you mix with an electric mixer and place in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

This is what you drink while waiting that hour...Ice Coffee.  Go here for recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

You would then pour batter into a measuring cup for ease of pouring and then place just enough batter to cover the bottom of a small omelet pan.  (You don't want it too thin.)  If you notice, the edges begin to cook first and get firm looking.  Go ahead and flip them over.  Cook these on med to low heat so they don't burn.

You'll need either Chicken Tenders or you can cut up chicken breasts like we did.  Cut into bite size pieces.  I have been turned back onto using cast iron pans, just because it cuts cooking time and the clean up is SO much easier. 

This is the White Sauce you'll pour over the crepes and chicken.  I used a full cup on each dish.  

Here is where you would add the cheese to the top.  I used 4 Blend Mexican Cheese.  Janelle uses Swiss Cheese on hers.  After adding the cheese place in oven on a cookie sheet that has edges so the don't roll all over when you take them out and broil on low until the tops is golden brown.  

This is what the finished product looked like. It was W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L!!! 

Now for the REAL options........

TWO Thumbs up from each kid!!!!  
It was a hit.  Dylan was trying to tell me he liked it with that BIG OLE' goofy smile and a mouth full of food.  He doesn't even look like that.  Funny!

**Note: I had to triple the batch because I have a small village of starving boys.  Trust me their NOT starving even though they'd be sure to tell you otherwise!  We did save about 6 crepes for dessert and added Ice Cream with Comstock Cherries and Whipped Cream on top.  I gained 2 pounds, just looking at it. :)