Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome to A Country Girl and a Whisk

I love to cook and when I mean cook, I mean from scratch.  Back to the basics of flour, sugar, vanilla, salt and so on.  I believe in using cast iron as much as possible or using an enamel lined cast iron pot.  You get the best meals from those.

I am originally a city girl that was held hostage until she married her cowboy and he brought her home to the range.  Well, not really a range, but I'm getting closer!  We still live in a town, but not in a city and we have open land with horses and cows.  We even have a 6,000 sq ft garden.  True love!!

We do have one child who requires a Gluten Free diet.  Due to the expense of it, he is the only who eats it for the most part.  I probably should as well, but for now the discomfort isn't worth giving up the good stuff yet. 


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